Best way to connect to others gives 7 Ways Leaders Connect With Others

Best way to connect to others gives 7 Ways Leaders Connect With Others

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How can anyone ever hope to lead in any sort of meaningful way, until and unless, he understands, cares for, possesses empathy for, relates to, and gets others to believe in him to the degree that they realize that he has their best interests at heart? True leaders learn and understand that effective listening is far more important than any amount of rhetoric or oratory, and that it must be incumbent upon a leader to focus on essential goals, priorities, needs, and dedicate themselves to absolutely empathize with their followers, constituents, and other stakeholders (actual, as well as potential). Only when one sincerely places his constituents first (always and absolutely), will others understand how much he really cares! A good starting point may be to utilize these 7 Ways Leaders Connect with Others.


1. Effective leadership must consistently revolve around, and begin with the concept that it is essential to speak to, rather than speaking at, others! Nobody likes being spoken at, and the result of doing so, is generally creating feelings of resentment or disillusion. You don’t lead by lecturing, but rather get far more achieved when you discuss your concern or objective, and ask more questions and create participation, instead of telling people what you think they should do!

2. Ask for their participation and help, and don’t tell them what to do! Others relate to, and care far more, when they are asked to help, and given reasons to. True leaders realize they must empathize first, and then use the best principles and fundamentals of selling, to best relate to their constituents.

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3. Fully, competently, and in – detail, explain your reasoning, and why you believe it best serves others and the group. Create/ build a picture, so that others will become more able and willing to buy into your vital vision.

4. Follow the principles of the adage about the best way to eat an elephant (one bite at a time)! This means avoid overwhelming others by assuming they fully understand issues to the degree you do, and introduce an action plan that is broken down into manageable, believable, baby steps.

5. Always do what you say you will do! Under – promise and over – deliver. Seek small gains that others can understand, so they can feel a sense of progress, and a path to believe in!

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6. Consistently lead by example! Show others how much you believe in your stated beliefs by being the first one to take meaningful action. Never ask others to do something that you are unwilling to do.

7. Seek to create future leaders to assure the sustainability and relevance of the organization, rather than merely attracting followers. While it is generally true that only perhaps 5% of any group do 95% of the work (and effort), and membership (followers) are very important (in fact, essential), the best leader is consistently the one who identifies, develops, qualifies and trains quality future leaders.

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Leaders must reach out, focus and make a concerted effort to draw others to them in a positive manner. It helps to proceed by using these 7 Ways Leaders Connect with Others.

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